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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mounting Remote filesystem in OS X

Sublime Text is awesome, but it lacks the capability of directly working on remote files. While there are some plugins to do this (e.g. Sublime SFTP), they don't meet my needs (taste?). So I decided to try mounting a remote filesystem locally and the work treat the remote files as local ones. To do this in OS X you'll need a tool such as Macfusion (and it's dependency, OSXFuse). This post explains how to get them to work in OS X Lion.

Trouble re-mounting?

If you forget to unmount the remote filesystem, later you might find that you can't (re-)mount it, and you get a "remote host has disconnected". It has happened to me. In my case, the remote FS is mounted in the default location /Volumes/<remoteFS>. You can verify that the previous FS wasn't properly unmounted by typing mount in the terminal. If you see /Volumes/<remoteFS> in the list, it means that the old mount wasn't properly dismounted. To dismount it just type diskutil umount force /Volumes/<remoteFS>. Hope that helps.

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