Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GLSL project in XCode4

To create an shader based OpenGL command line app using XCode4 follow these steps (at least they worked for me):

  1. Create a "Command Line Tool" application 
  2. Add the "OpenGL" and "GLUT" frameworks (click on the project -> target, "Build Phases" tab and add them in the "Link Binary With Libraries" panel)
  3. Write the main to setup GLUT and load/use shaders
  4. Write your shaders
  5. In the Project Setting -> Target -> Build Phases, drag the shader files onto the  "Compile Sources" panel
  6. In the Project Setting -> Target -> Build Phases, add a new and "Copy Files" phase and drag the shaders onto it. Make sure to set the "Destination" option to "Executables"
Hope this helps!

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